Poet Puzzlers – laura potts

First up in our new interview series we talked to our very own Laura Potts to find out what skeletons lurk in the closet of the poet that Elfen Dictarship Monthly once described as ‘most likely to annihilate an entire species’.

  • What would you like to be reincarnated as?

Probably a cat! They’re svelte and gracious creatures. They’re soft and wise. They live and dream in luxury. Who wouldn’t like to spend the evening by the fire, curled and caressed, a perfect Cleopatra?

  • What did you want to be when you were at school?

A tractor…

  • What was/were the last good poetry book/s you read?

Black Country by Liz Berry, Hushings by Peter Riley and A Perfect Mirror by Sarah Corbett.

  • Do you have a favourite word? And could you tell us what it is? (and maybe why?)

‘Luteous’. It’s a word I’ve only come across once. It’s gold, like warm running sunlight, and purple, like a bruise. In certain lights, it’s as blue as a flame. If it were music, it would be the piano. Andante.

  • Do you have a hidden skill or talent?

I have a very good memory. I can remember lying in my cot as a baby. I can remember the tracings on the ceiling, the colour of the night sky, the shadows on the walls. I can remember hearing an ambulance some streets away. Scary.

  • What is your favourite insect?

Is there such a thing… ?

  • What would be your preferred way to dispose of a body?

I would probably put it in the wardrobe and deny its existence. The passive-aggressive route is the way.

  • Tell us about a recent dream you had.

It was winter. Snow was falling, covering the streets and the chimneys. I had a pair of white wings, and I was flying all over town looking at the little lights. The town was in silence, in prayer. A poet friend of mine was decorating a tree in one of the windows. I came down to him and screamed HAVE YOU EATEN ALL THE PORK PIES?!

  • Do you have a book, event, project, invention, cat, anything you’d like to tell us about?

I’m taking a break at the moment. There are too many books I’d like to read and poems I’d like to write. A few people have asked me where I’ve gone. I’m just enjoying writing privately for now. It’s good to step away from the world for a while. And my cat is very good company!

(Photo by James Hudson and the Leeds Library)

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