Poet Puzzlers – Matt Nicholson

This week’s puzzled poet is a true gentleman, and we know this because we met whilst navigating the outer rim of galaxy 2471a. There in the depths of space, rapidly leaking oxygen due to an impromptu game of knifey-handy, Matt ‘the terror of Tenturion 7’ Nicholson fashioned a repair kit using only moisture from his suit and space dust. He’s also got a wonderful new book out called ‘Small Havocs’, and was due to be our next guest (after the lockdown hopefully he’ll still come and perform his balloon animal and poetry extravanganza for us). Continue reading

Poet Puzzlers – Bob Horne

Sticking with our opening salvo of Puzzle Hall Poet royalty, we have Bob Horne. Alongside John Foggin, Bob was at the helm of the Puzzle Hall Poets for six (yes count them six) years, before handing over the reigns to Laura, Charlotte and Steve. A true gentleman, and the brains, braun, and everything else behind Calder Valley Poetry, read on to find out how severely we should be troubled by his addiction to cricket. Continue reading

Poet puzzlers – john foggin

Our second victim to be tossed into the thresher we call the Poet Puzzlers is a Puzzle Hall Poets cornerstone. For 6 years, alongside Bob Horne, he has run, compered, hosted, marketed, breathed life into Puzzle Hall Poets Live (and continues to do so despite officially letting some new muppets have a go). He needs no introduction (so pretend you haven’t read that). The one and only, John ‘The Great Fogginzo’ Foggin. Continue reading