Past Guests

Here you’ll find a selection of our past guests and performers. Click on their beautiful faces to find out more about them!

Oz Hardwick
Helen Mort
Tom Weir
Laura Potts
Sarah L. Dixon
Charlotte Wetton
Mark Pajak
Genevieve Walsh
Mark Connors
Gaia Holmes
Greg Freeman
Mick Jenkinson
Anthony Costello
Steve Ely
Ian Whiteley
Izzy Brittain
John Duffy
Jimmy Andrex
Mike Di Placido
Ed Reiss
Carole Bromley
Kim Moore
Vicky Gatehouse
Jackie Hagan
Ian Duhig
Wendy Pratt
Julia Deakin
Winston Plowes
Nick Toczek
Peter Riley
Lydia Kennaway
Michael Greavy
Steph Bowgett
Anne Caldwell
Jim Carruth
Emma Decent
Maria Isakova Bennett
Zetta Bear
John Foggin
Bob Horne
Clare Shaw
Gill Lambert
Andrew MacMillan
Louise Fazackerley
Ian Parks
Natalie Rees
Steve Pottinger
Keith Hutson
Jack Faricy
Joe Williams
Emma Storr
Mike Farren
Ross Kightly
Steve Anderson
Carola Luther
Roy Marshall
Judith Wilson
Stuart Pickford
Adrian Salmon